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SPRING is on the way!!!

As you can clearly see, the Garden Fairies are beginning to "dig out". Obviously we only have another month or so of winter left. AND, we're gaining about 6 minutes of sunlight EVERYDAY:-) YAH!!!

My Little Dormouse

Meet My Little Dormouse.

I usually don't try to copy or "reproduce" anything with my clay, like This.I'm NEVER please with the results and I usually pick the piece apart so bad that by the time I finish finding all of the things that are wrong with it, it's almost embarrassing.( I am a perfectionist, a very bad trait that I am trying to squish like a bug)That being said, I could easily pick this piece apart, but there are enough things I like about it that I'm just going to ignore the rest.

This little guy told me he wanted to be a trinket box.

This and that.....

This picture makes me feel all squishy inside,
in a good way :-)

This is a photo of an actual hibernating Dormouse. You can read the cute story behind the picture here.
My honey has decided to go play in the snow this weekend and since I finally finished my commission piece, I want to play this weekend too.

I've made a few small roses.

So how hard can it be to make a larger rose and plunk a bundle of adorableness into the middle of it?
We'll see how that goes.
And after that, I think I will finish this:
Does he look like a Moloodoe?Name courtesy of papermaskshttp://crochetcultist.comThanks :-)

Guitar Gal in the "Flesh"

Here goes my second try to do this post. I seem to have a real challenge with pictures and html. Well, here goes.... This is the list of specifics for my latest commission piece. Inspiration for this piece came from here. The most important things requested were the red hair and red lips, REALLY BIG red lips. Mick Jagger big.
And, of course, the guitar. It had to be an acoustic guitar rather than the electric used by "The Guitar Man".I don't know why, but I felt like she should have large eyes. It took SEVERAL tries to get something that didn't resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of "Total Recall". You know the scene.. the one where he gets sucked out into the bad atmosphere of Mars, right before the alien device fixes the air, and he's writhing on the ground looking like one giant face bulge.Well, enough of that.I think I finally came up with something that looks a little better than that.
She still looks a little bit alien but not as bad as Arnold :…

Guitar Gal WIP

Just a quick post to show you Guitar Gal in progress. I usually try to move whatever item I am photographing to a clean and tidy area of my studio to take the photo. To be honest, there isn't a clean and tidy area in my studio right now and I would rather work on finishing her than clean up. So there you have it!
( She's green because that is the only color of floral tape I had:) Don't ya love her tufted stool??I finally finished her guitar.
I haven't varnished it yet because I can't decide if I should add the darker color around the edge like on the one in the photo I got off of Google.
What do you think?

♫♫ And the Winner(s) is (are).......................

Ok, that title looks weirder than I expected it to. ☺ I have an explanation for that title, really.
I had so many more entrants for the OWOH Giveaway than I would have ever expected, 177 WOW!
So, when it was time to have my "Random Number Generator", Danielle, pick a number; I lost all control and told her to pick THREE different numbers.
The numbers were...........................
#21 Grand Prize #123 Second Prize #99 Third Prize

The Grand Prize goes to entrant #21
YLatharia Y

I have also sent an email requesting your mailing address so I can get your winnings in the mail. ☺

Now, I have to keep you in suspense until later this afternoon as to who the other two winners are because I would like to post a picture of what they have won. And since I am writing this post from work (don't tell), I won't have access to my photo files until I get home.

OH, the suspense is KILLING ME!

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock , Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Toc…

OW~OH Update

Just a little update on my drawing. Sorry I didn't list many specifics earlier. Well,I am not much of a night owl, mainly because I get up about 4am. Soooooo, I will be leaving comments open until I get up Thurs. morning.

So you night owls out there will have 4 extra hours to leave a comment :-)

The OW~OH Post ~~Click on the globe to go there~~

I will be posting the winner at or before noon on Thursday, Feb.12And for absolutely no reason, I thought I would introduce you to Snedrick.


I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to make a figure for a very good friend of mine.
She saw my " Guitar Man"
and asked me to make a "Guitar Gal" for her daughter who has fallen in love with the acoustic guitar. Well, her daughter's birthday is in March and she asked me to make this in January.No problem, plenty of time.
Then I inexplicably got completely caught up in making Hearts. Even when I tried to take a break from the hearts and start the figure, it just wouldn't come.( I always start with the head so that they can properly introduce themselves. Then I can figure out their personality, how they dress, how they stand or sit, etc. )Well, every time I tried to work on the head I got distracted.I sculpted and squished, sculpted and squished so many times I finally lost count .Apparently, there was just one more heart I needed to make..... then another..then another. I think I finally got the hearts out of my system.When I sat down to have another go at the…

LAST HEART.............I PROMISE !!!

I really did try to work on the head today. (I had to stay home from work today, so that someone was here for the satellite guy to come check out our "positioning". Hubby is having problems with some HD channels. But thats another blog entry.)
Anyway, I had an extra day off (darn), so I thought I would really get to work on the figure I'm supposed to be making for my friend's daughter. (Thank goodness her birthday isn't until March.)

I did make 4 different heads. Didn't like 'em. Squished 'em. End of story.........
For today.

I decided it was time to finish "Heart Guy".
Who is "Heart Guy", you ask?

Well, let's start at the beginning.

First, you have to imagine a light bulb. Then a light bulb with foil wrapped around the small end that screws into the socket. Then a light bulb with foil, covered completely with Sculpey Light. (You have to imagine this, because I forgot to take pictures of those steps) Which brings us to this "strang…

More Hearts...........

I am supposed to be working on a "head"
for a figure I am making for a friend's daughter and I couldn't stop working on hearts. I should be ashamed of myself.....but I'm not. I like all of my new hearts, they can be zipper pulls or cell phone charms. They are all made with a fishing swivel for a clasp.
They are all packed up and ready to go to the shop for their debut.
I had about a dozen last week, but one lady bought all of them and said she would be back for more, so now I am ready if she does come back.

When I say "the shop", this is what I mean. (Sorry about the unbelievably blurry photo). My Hubby and I recently bought an auto repair shop. He thought it would be a good idea to display some of my stuff in the lobby. I thought it was kind of a strange mix but we went ahead with it. I have been amazed at the response from the customers. It's been pretty cool.

Speaking of hearts, don't forget to enter my giveaway for the "One World~One Heart&quo…