Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's happening again.
I'm supposed to be turning this into a necklace.

And these.. are waiting to become stitch markers,
( I'm thinking of making a few of them into earrings, just because I think everyone should have a chance to wear chocolates and cheeseburgers somewhere other than their BUTT.)

I made this the other day, after finding the tutorial here .
It is so easy and so pretty, I want to make a ton of these things!

I have finished the wristwarmers, but still need to finish the neckwarmer. AND make the buttons to go on it. (I am lovin me those bright red hearts, they are giving me ideas for the buttons)

I had a request for these, and I was very happy to do them, but...

It caused a little creative tickle in my fingers and I spent the day doing this...
Oh well... I guess I will just add them to all of my other unfinished projects, like the laundry.
S#%T!! It's Sunday evening!!
I have to work tommorrow and I have that kind of job. You know the kind,
the kind where you have to wear clothes.
I am now off to do some laundry!