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Third time's a charm

This was my first try. I didn't like it. For starters it was too long and it seemed to be lop-sided right in front. I had initially wanted to make this a three strand, so I strung three separate strands.  But when I started to put them together 3 seemed too bulky. This one got 'snipped'.
This was try number two. Much better balance but way too short. I felt like that guy who keeps cutting the table legs, one at a time and never really gets it level, until it's as short as a coffee table. How did I get it this short??? Plus, I'm not sure how I feel about how I had it come together at the focal bead. This one got 'snipped'.

FINALLY, a winner ;~) I love the length, I love the balance, I love the colors. And I didn't let that third strand from the first try go to waste. I decided that I would like to have a matching bracelet, since it was already strung and all ;~)
What do you think?