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The Year of Jewelry Project..... taking the plunge.....

Normally I do not like to commit to long term 'crafty' projects,  mainly because I KNOW life is going to get in the way at some point.
I do not make my living  making jewelry or sculpting with clay, thank goodness... Why thank goodness???
1. I'd starve☺
So many reasons come to mind as to why I would starve,
 but the main one is a total lack of  focus! I do believe that if creating was my main source of income that  that would be the incentive to "focus", but since it is just a hobby, (that I love, love, love!!!), I allow myself to try doing any project that looks like fun
Which is everything I see☺

Apparently I have a need to learn EVERY jewelry making technique ~
 stringing, seed beading, micro-macrame, kumihimo,
 metal clay, resin, wirework and on and on....  you name it, I have to try it.
(not to mention the polymer clay projects and the need to crochet
every hat, earwarmer, scarf or fingerless mitt pattern ever written☺)

In other words, I start a lot of pro…