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My Bead Soup Partner ......

is the lovely and talented Sheryl Stephens of Cool Moon Creations & Beads. Sheryl is a seed beader AND a stringer, so much talent☺ She sells her jewelry and some pretty awesome beads in her etsy shop And you can check out her blog at TheBabbling Beader
It was seriously crunch time this morning! I was determined to meet the deadline for sending out beads to our partners and apparently my time management skills are on vacation (I can only hope that they are enjoying sandy beaches and sunshine)
Well, I finished the last of the components that I wanted to make myself LAST NIGHT! (Nothing like waiting until the last minute, I work better under pressure, yada yada yada☺)
Which meant I was photographing, bagging, labeling and boxing everything this morning and I have to tell you that I realized just then, that I make Bead Soup the same way I make real soup.
I start out with a small pot (there's only the two of us) and I add and add stuff until I am using my largest stock pot and p…