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Life of Fireweed......

A lot of people that visit Alaska think that Fireweed is our State Flower.
Probably because it is big, it is showy and it is EVERYWHERE.
Our state flower is actually the "Forget-me-not"
Starting in early summer theFireweed starts blooming from the bottom up.

Conversations between locals go like this:
"Wow! It's July already?" "Yea, I know, my fireweed's already half-way up!!"

Once it blooms out, all of the petals fall off and the transformation begins.
Think a cross between dandelion fluff and spider silk. (Don't ya love the way it curls?)

Then the most dramatic part.....

Isn't it just the prettiest bright red? I have to admit that I look forward to it but I dread it
even more. This means that termination dust is just around the corner. And, I'M NOT READY!!!