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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 16... and the awesome trade☺

Once again this week I did not follow the prompt, which was "Hidden from View". Instead I took the opportunity to learn another new jewelry making technique...
Chain Maille!
It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I'm sure there are super complicated patterns out there, but this pattern was kind of fun. It's call Byzantine.
Learning the Beaded Russian Spiral was, at least to me, much more difficult. And it is MUCH easier to go back and fix a mistake later in the Chain Maille. And quicker. Much, much quicker! lol
I have already ordered a couple of chain maille kits, (surprise) so I can play with this some more.
In other news,  I think I made the trade of the century this last week:~)
A lady came in the shop to drop her car off for some services. While waiting for her ride, she noticed my display cases and we got to chatting about jewelry making. She is a metalsmith and she used to do some lampworking. We had a nice chat, her ride came to get her and …