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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 13

What with flying out of state for a few days and finishing the photos, etc. for the Big Reveal Day next weekend for the Bead Soup Blog Party , (I'm in the second reveal on 4/6) and finishing my magnet order, I opted to submit something I was already working on, that I finished this week, rather than try to make something to fit this week's prompt, which was "A Personal Talisman", cuz I just didn't have time☺
Holy crap, could that sentence have been any longer!?? Can you have that many commas in a sentence?
Anyway, this is my submission for week 13☺ I love the colors in this one And, once again, my color choices came directly from the focal. Juli has an awesome eye for color.
I showed a picture of this one "in progress" to my sister while we were in Washington for the big bash
and she decided that it really needed to live in Montana☺ So first thing Monday morning it will be on it's way.  Oh! and I finally finished the design for my newest magnet ~T…

Grandpa's Birthday....

Last weekend I went to my Grandpa's Birthday party. He turned 100!♥  Last Thursday morning I picked Mom up early and headed to the airport. We flew into SeaTac and hung out for a couple of hours waiting for my sister to fly in from Montana, then it was off to the car rental. You take a shuttle bus a few blocks away to the building that houses all of the car rental companies. We discussed it ahead of time and decided that I would be the one to drive.
My sister lives in rural Montana and has never driven in that type of a traffic situation, and my mother... well,  let's just say... um would be a cold day in hell...over and out!
So I bit the bullet☺ (My Honey programmed our GPS with all of the addresses I knew we would be going to) We got the rental car, got loaded, we had a bit of a line once we started to leave so we were going to pull off the road and get organized once we got out of the garage.
HA!!  Um....nope. The rental car garage SPITS you out onto the h…


I am going to be a little bit late with my YOJP post this week (like I've been on time the last couple of weeks~ right? ugh.) anyway I will be flying out tomorrow morning to Washington State.
~~I'm gonna party like my Grampa is 100!!!~~
Which he will be this Friday!
Been trying to get everything done 'ahead' that needs to be done while I'm gone from work, of course it had to be payroll week, but I got-er-done☺
And my #1 helper decided to delay the birth of her first child by two weeks (HA HA HA HA!!! and boy was she not happy about the delay☺)
so the planned return to work to cover my absence obviously wasn't going to happen.
So a huge shout out to Holly for coming in early to help out! Thank You! I'm SO glad you came to work with us♥

Ok, and since I hate dislike posting without pics
(I don't know why☺)
I will leave you with these

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 11... and eagles...

This weeks prompt was "Rescued from the Scrap Bin"

I have had this teardrop-ish pendant? in my scrap basket for a couple of years. I had tried my hand at creating some mokume-gane and I was squishing up the left over scrap clay and thought Oh! That's kinda pretty..
so I shaped it a little and baked it. Then I thought it looked a little plain and kind of odd shaped and didn't have a clue what to do with it☺ So it went in the scrap basket. I actually pulled it out of that little basket yesterday and decided to practice my wire wrapping. (Nothing like waiting til the last minute) I figured if it turned out crappy it could go right back where it came from☺ I obviously have a long way to go with my 'skills' in wire wrapping
But I don't think it has to back in the basket, but I still am not sure where to go with it from here☺ I'll come up with something eventually. lol!
I am almost finished with my wholesale order and in my spare time (HA!) I came up with…

Year Of Jewelry ~ Week 10

Quicky post today cuz I need to finish up this and  this and I'm quickly running out of time☺ This is my completed piece for week 10. I am really working on keeping my knots a lot more even and  I know I still have a long way to go but I think I'm getting better☺ It was just cloudy enough today to make for perfect photo lighting ☺ Isn't that focal gorgeous♥ If you been around here much, you already know where I get these beauties but if not ~ go here.

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 9

I actually posted this on the group on time but I'm late posting it here☺ I haven't followed all of the weekly prompts (they are just suggested prompts to help give you a kick start if you are lost for ideas) but as luck would have it this weeks "theme" was "Simplicity" Thank goodness!☺   I have been a little busy working on this and having a blast☺ Still have a ways to go on the moose but progress is good~ And getting a good start on the bears and whales. And I've made some progress on a couple of these
fell in love with these colors almost immediately (please excuse the multi-colored straight pins☺)
and this one was a bear, to put it nicely! I tried about a dozen color combinations and hated them all. I had almost decided to start from scratch when this happened some how~ now I love it♥ And now I need to finish it! lol!
(Need to point out here that the gorgeous focals that inspire the color combos are, as usual, from my very fav lampwork arti…