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Photo Friday

Just because I knew it was coming
doesn't mean I have to be happy it's here.
On the other hand, my Honey has been waiting months to do
this. Had to wait until after the first snow to burn THE wood pile☺

"Alaska's heaviest annual snowfall - 974.5 inches (25 meters) at Thompson Pass near Valdez, winter of 1952-53." Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia

who knew?

who knew that somone I admire as a person and an artist would feature me on her blog?
(Juls, you are great)
who knew I would receive such nice comments about my work from people brought to me by her blog post? ( Thank you Heather.)
( Thank you EB Bead)
who knew an ambulance ride while pumped up on
nitroglycerin and morphine  could be so hazy?
and, who knew that after a night in the hospital, a person would be so happy to learn the word

Photo Friday.....

Online profile........
"Female, 2 years old."
Favorite activities: "Laying in the yard waiting for the sunset."
 Favorite food:  "Late season dandelion."
"The moose is the largest member of the deer family."
"A moose's favorite food is willow and dwarf birch."
Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia


I don't know why it affects me the way it does.
Yes, I know it's just October 10, 2010, but 10-10-10 will never happen again in my lifetime.
It's like the year your child is exactly half your age. It will only happen once in your lifetime.

North America's largest earthquake. Good Friday Earthquake of 1964, measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale. Approximately 50,000 square miles (80,465 square km) were affected by the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake. Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia

Last of the leaves.... promise....for a while...

Have I mentioned I like Autumn colors?

Hoping to get time to do some sculpting tomorrow. With any luck I will have a WIP to show off soon.
"Polar Bears are actually considered a marine mammal and therefore are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act." Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia

Photo Friday...

"Alaska law prohibits the use of billboards along Alaskan highways."
"Approximately 70% of the roads in Alaska are unpaved." Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia
Termination Dust (much thicker and farther down the mountain than last week when this was taken)

Alaskan Welcome Sign

Well duh...that's what happens when you push the wrong button

I spent two solid hours today taking pictures of pendants (to list) and some necklaces ( to post, then list ). When I say taking pictures, I mean sitting cross legged on the floor with my mini tripod in front of my homemade light box....for two solid hours. I'm not as young as I used to be, so after about the first hour or so, sitting cross legged on the floor gets to be less fun. Anywho, when I was done taking the pictures, which looked great in the camera monitor, I uploaded them (or downloaded them?) to the computer and promptly decided that buying my new camera maybe hadn't been such a great idea. The colors were wonky and everyone of them was too dark, nothing like they had looked on the camera monitor. After ranting to my Honey for about 20 minutes about how I shouldn't have to do massive amounts of PhotoShop redo  to get my pictures to look right, he discovered that I had somehow accidentally adjusted my "exposure compensation" to almost as low as it would go, so I w…