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Spring is finally springing

I know some people are already getting into full summer but we are just entering into Spring.

  So far the weather has been awesome but it's still too early to do much planting. Still getting a little cool at night. (28º yesterday morning) Last weekend I spent prepping my garden area. I got it weeded and fertilized and ready for planting the 57 perennials that the post office was supposed to deliver Thursday that still haven't been delivered  that hopefully are still alive when they do finally get around to delivering them. This weekend I am getting my new pots ready to go.
A few years ago, my husband decided that he wanted to put  in a garden area at the front of the house. So he hauled rocks and dirt and he shopped for plants and he did all of the planting himself. (He's not exactly a green thumb kinda guy) It's done quite well and I only have to nag a couple times each summer for him to weed it. Ever since he put the garden in (to one side of the deck)  I have been undecided a…