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Sprinkler 1 / Moose 0

It's that time of year again. Time to be outside.    The last couple of weeks I have been planting, weeding, watering and, on a couple of occasions, I was able to just chill in my lawn chair. The weather has been absolutely awesome. Warm and sunny. After last summer having almost 40 straight days of rain,  I'm hoping for a little more sun this year. And so far it's been great. In the planting department, I finally got all of my containers planted  and the shipment of baby perennials I FINALLY got (long story) should be hardened off enough to plant tomorrow. Once I get everybody in the ground I will take some pictures so I have some before and after shots;~)
It's also that time of year for visitors.
Once she spotted the sprinkler
she had to check it out
she got within about two feet then turned and ran
Ok, we're gonna try this again
here we go
Oooohh, what do we have here?
oh wait, I was heading over there
"Oh! It got me again! I'm otta here."