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in my window

For years, I had these 2 strings of christmas lights, the lights themselves looked like candles. I loved those lights. I would run 1 string along the bottom of each window in my living room. I used little clips on little suction cups so it would hold  the 'candle' upright, then I would put silver tinsel down to cover  the wire that held them all together. The lights would reflect off the window and the tinsel and it just made the windows glow. I absolutely loved the way it looked, so much so that even if I don't have time to  or just don't feel like decorating for Christmas, I still did the windows. Well the bulbs all slowly started burning out. The light bulbs in them were not replaceable, and come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I bought them at the Salvation Army, so as Christmas decorations go they lasted a LONG time. Well they finally died about two years ago and I have never been able to find anything close. The last two years I have just run a couple of strings of the sma…