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not much

I have spent the weekend feeling very busy but I'm not sure what I accomplished☺
I've been on a jewelry kick lately and I worked on a couple necklaces over the weekend. One I have re-worked more times than I care to remember and it still isn't what I want so I'm not going to show you.   Yet. And this one happened very quickly. It is very simple but I really like it. It makes me think of summer. (I've been reading on some blogs how the crocuses are blooming  and in some cases where the gardens are being planted, and I am SO jealous. We have had a lot of sunshine in the last week or so but the high has still been in the low to mid thirties)
I am REALLY ready for summer!
Also this weekend, when not hunched over 'the devil necklace that will not cooperate', I started playing around with the "pages" on blogger. If you click on the tabs you will see that I have learned how to make a page but I haven't put anything there yet. LOL! So you can save yourself the …