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Year of Jewelry Week 23 & 24

During the summer months I usually suck at posting..... anything. Not apologizing, just FYI. It's a time thing. Full time job, gardening duties, yard work~ just a time thing☺
Oh yea... And trying to make at least one piece of jewelry per week☺
Which is usually accomplished while curled up in my chair  in the evening in front of the TV.

The necklace was made to match the bracelet and earrings I gave to my sister. She mentioned several months ago that she needed  a necklace to go with them.
(Of course, I didn't want to rush into anything,  so 5 months later I started working on it☺) That gorgeous bead in the bracelet is a one of a kind lampwork focal by Juli Cannon of Studio Juls so I needed to get a little creative with the necklace☺ I made a focal with a similar color pattern using polymer clay, then to balance out the necklace, I used one of the buttons from huge stash of sewing "stuff" I inherited when our Grandma passed years ago, and used it as the closure in fr…