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not much

...getting accomplished this week besides the occasional random spontaneous happy dance.
And this...
Actually this isn't what I ended up with, it's just what I started with (after 4 tries) I usually don't use a lot of different colors in my designs. It's not that I don't like color, I LOVE COLOR! It's just that I am not comfortable with my ability to put a lot of colors together in a pleasing way.
Well, once I stood back and really looked at this I thought, "I like it but I think it could use some yellow." and since I didn't have anything in the yellow I was wanting, I had to make some.
I made two different shades of yellow disks. So after curing, varnishing and re-curing, I started adding the yellow. Then I thought that maybe the focal looked kinda small with all of the others I was adding, so......................
I changed out the focal for a larger one, and I am SUPER-duper happy with this. To me it says "light, airy and happy". And it is so much diff…