Saturday, September 17, 2011

BSBP Reveal

As you may remember, this is the gorgeousness that I received.
The Bead Soup I received from Mary Shannon Hicks
Nephrite jade, jasper, pearls, glass and copper beads.
A gorgeous jasper heart focal and awesome copper clasp.

I used copper wire to add a wire wrapped 'bail'
and added copper bead and wire dangles.
I added some swarovski crystals from my stash for some sparkle
and did a little more wire wrapping on these gorgeous pearl sticks.
I also added these coral cubes for a pop of color, and a couple of
handmade paper beads then mixed some coiled copper wire beads in
 with the jade, jasper and copper beads to finish it out.

I made the clasp using copper wire for the 'hook' 
and copper tubing for the 'eye'☺

I'm very pleased with how this came out.

Now, the rules state that each Bead Soup participant 
must use the focal and the clasp included in the soup that they receive
but they don't have to be used in the same piece.

The clasp that came in my Bead Soup from Shannon was
so pretty that I wanted it to be a visible part of the design not just
'the clasp in the back'
and the SEVERAL different designs I tried with it in the front
just didn't float my boat.

For my second piece I used a gorgeous lampwork glass 'bone'
made by Juls

added several strands of seed beads, jade, swarovski crystals,
czech glass, jasper and copper beads

and this gorgeous copper clasp.
I was amazed at how much work goes into making something look
casual and random☺
I was really terrified to sign up for the Bead Soup Blog Party,
this kind of thing is SO far out of my comfort zone,
but I am SO glad that I did.
This was so much fun and my blog roll
(blogs I follow) has nearly doubled☺
And it has helped build confidence in myself.

Please stop by and visit my partner
Mary Shannon Hicks at falling into the sky
and see what she made with the soup I sent to her.

This party has been huge!

A map of all the participants
(I'm up there in Alaska☺)

You really need to check out these fabulous jewelry artists!
There's no rush, take your time.
I have found some wonderful people through this experience
and you could too.
And for a complete 'clickable' list of all 362 participants
and while you're there, poke around
and get to know Lori Anderson,
the hostess of this wonderful party.
She is an awesome jewelry artist,
a very intelligent, caring and just down right sweet person.
The amount of work that she puts into this "Party" is really amazing.
If you have time, you should take a moment to say Hi☺