Monday, January 3, 2011

What exactly is a Snarf?

A little bit of  random.....

My babies spend a lot of their time patrolling the floor for ANYTHING edible,
( then there is Lily who usually goes right for either paper towels, toilet paper or kleenex, 
it doesn't matter which, just whatever is accessible )
but I digress...
My baby Scoobie Doo

when they are patrolling they make this sound.  It's not a simple sniffing sound,
 it's more of a snort.  It's almost as if they have discovered something edible on an anatomical level 
and if they sniff  hard enough they can separate it from the floor.
The word I immediately think of is "Snarf" and
yes it has a capital "S" in my brain.
And you may be asking yourself "Why do you think of the word "Snarf" with a capital S?"

Well, 'cause it's actually a brain-tumbling-over-it's-self domino effect. 

 The actual first thing that comes to my mind is Dr. Seuss, 'cause the sound that comes out of the kids while they are patrolling is something I imagine a Dr. Seuss character would make and
I imagine that a sound a Dr. Seuss character would make would be called a
 "Snarf" with a capital 'S'☺

More random....

Last week it was 7° with a wind chill of -17°
This morning it was 42°