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Yea, baby moose and bunny rabbits are adorable until........

This belongs to my newest neighbor. This new neighbor apparently already knows what he or she likes.

Notice anything missing here?

Or here?
At least, it seems they don't much care for banana plants, now that they have tried them.
But all of these plants have fared better than the cauliflower I planted, just to see if I could grow it.
(Used to be a cauliflower plant.)
  Just thought I would help in case it wasn't perfectly obvious that 
 this was obviously a cauliflower plant.

I planted 6 of these.
  I figure I should be able to grow a vegetable or two considering I live about 20 miles from
↓ here ↓

This one, as in ONE AND ONLY, might make it if the cute, cuddly, fuzzy, @#%#@   bunnies don't come back for seconds;~(

DIY Ring Display

This was one of those finds from the Salvation Army Thrift Store. You know the kind I'm talking about.  That thing you absolutely HAVE to have, even though you have no idea what in the heck you are going to do with it.
But, unlike many of the things I absolutely HAVE to have, I have only been sitting on this little gem for about 6 months;~) It looks like it may have been home to a pen set or something similar.

The lid had a recessed area that looked like a plaque or label had been pried up.  It looked pretty rough so I just made sheet out of the tail end of a cane that was headed for the scrap bag, and covered that area.
Next I had to figure out what to do with the underside of the lid.  I could have soaked and scrubbed or scraped and sanded to get that label residue off of there but I honestly don't have the patience.
So, I made this in Printshop (I love Printshop!),

and did a little decoupage.

That just left the inside. I initially over complicated it. The idea was to glue down the fo…

Another Rose

I decided that I liked the look of the single rose of this one so much that I should make another.

Here is the first onewith the earrings I made to go with ☺
↓ ↓ ↓

I Hope You Dance............

Today is my Sister's Birthday I'm not going to say which one, even though I honestly don't think she would mind, cause she is actually pretty totally HOT for her age.

I love my sister. Once we had all made it through the  'I HATE YOU' teenage years  alive, we realized having siblings is a good thing.

My sister loves being a wife.

She absolutely loves being a Mom. She excels at it. She is the kind of Mom  that young women think, or at least hope, they will be when they decide to have children. She is just the Momest Mom ever☺

And, when her oldest was over there, (He is the handsome young man on the right)
♥ She made it absolutely clear how much she loved being a 'Mom in-law' ♥

Then there's the whole Grandma thing.  You would almost think that her Grandkids "complete" her.  She adores absolutely everything about them. Can't get enough of them.

My Sister is fun, she is loving, adventurous, knows more about our extended family than I will ever know, does not …

finally finished this

I will have to take some better pics before I list it but I like the way it finally turned out.
I had started out wanting to make this a dramatic "neck piece" with three roses and some 'pops' of red.  I was really insistent on the red.  But I hated it.  So I went with the softer look. (Thank you Crafty Moose) With the more feminine look, three roses looked too bulky, so I went with one.  After that decision was finally made, everything came together really quickly. I really liked the way it turned out. That is until I had it all strung, put it up to my neck to make sure I liked the length and promptly lost hold of the unfinished end :(
Who knew pearls could bounce like that? It was like a whole bunch of little bitty super balls.....all over  the room.
After retrieving what I could, I started over. I like the second incarnation too.

I'm just glad it's finally done, but I think I need to make some dainty, dangly earrings to go with it.
And just in case you are not TOTALLY…

We have a winner.......

The winner of my first ever blog giveaway (other than OWOH, which is awesome) IS........

I want to thank everyone who commented. I think I may do this again, possibly when I hit 100 followers :~)
I'm off to email the winner!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


This is my 100th post. ( Who would have thought I had so much to say? )
And in celebration of the fact that I have a tendency to ramble on, and to thank you all for hanging out with me, I'm going to have a little giveaway. And it just so happens this little guy is interested in doing a little bit of traveling.
All you need to do to enter, is leave a comment on this post.
No jumping through hoops or linking here and there.  Just say "Hi" and leave your email address if it isn't in your profile.  I'll pick a name at random on Sunday evening.

frustrating W.I.P.

I have been messing with this stupid thing for 3 days now....
About a month ago I received an order of beads and as I was putting them away I just happened on a combination I thought would go awesome with the polymer roses I had made earlier and I figured as soon as I had a chance I could throw together a necklace and earring set. Did I keep that group of beads off to the side??  ...Umm NO...    Did I, at least,  keep one of each in a little bowl so I would remember the combo when I had the chance to get to it??  ..Umm NO.... I know it had some red and that is what I liked the most...the red.
It also had these long gold spacers and I think white pearls? Didn't like the pearls, so I tried these glass thingies.  I like them better but now I think I'm likin' the
silver spacers better.  And I think they work better with the pearls. I may have to give up completely on the red, but I am going to keep trying a little longer. I may have to throw the polymer roses back into the bowl until I…