I Hope You Dance............

Today is my Sister's Birthday
I'm not going to say which one, even though I honestly don't think she would mind, cause she is actually pretty totally HOT for her age.

I love my sister.
Once we had all made it through the
 'I HATE YOU' teenage years
 alive, we realized having siblings is a good thing.

My sister loves being a wife.

She absolutely loves being a Mom.
She excels at it.
She is the kind of Mom  that young women think, or at least hope, they will be when they decide to have children.
She is just the Momest Mom ever☺

And, when her oldest was over there,
(He is the handsome young man on the right)

♥ She made it absolutely clear how much she loved being a 'Mom in-law' ♥

Then there's the whole Grandma thing. 
You would almost think that her Grandkids "complete" her. 
She adores absolutely everything about them.
Can't get enough of them.

My Sister is fun, she is loving, adventurous, knows more about our extended family than I will ever know, does not take freindship lightly, she cares, she is funny, she is one of the hardest working people I have ever known.  And I think we actually look alot alike after being on a fishing boat ALL day long ☺

I respect and admire my Sister for more reasons than I could ever list, but
I can say this. 
I love my husband with all of my heart, he is my soul mate.
  I love Mom and Dad and even my baby brother.
But, hands down, no contest...
My favorite person in the whole, wide world is my big Sister.



  1. Happy Birthday Wendy,
    May you get all you could ever wish for and more than you can ever imagine!!
    Beautiful tribute to your sister Pat!

  2. Happy Birthday Wendy! What a lovely tribute post to your sister!


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