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Dusting off the cobwebs......☺

Apparently I only come  here occasionally to dust off the cobwebs. Well, it is March. More specifically, it is St Patrick's Day. That's not even why I'm here.  I know ... random.😏 I'm here to post a bunch of pictures of stuff I have been doing since the first of the year. I've mentioned before that I do post pics more regularly on Facebook . If you would care to click the ever so convenient link to my page and give it a like you would see stuff a lot more often😉 Ok...... here we go! I'm really enjoying making these! I've been doing a lot of wire weaving. This one is from a Nicole Hanna tutorial. So is this one with a slight variation due to a broken wire☺ And then there is this super cool but quite large birdie pendant☺ I've also been doing some clay work. This time around it was air dry paper clay. Talk about trying my patience! I am not good at waiting. The dry time about k