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Been listing...

I finally spent the day (in between loads of laundy) listing some things on Etsy. And like I always say, it takes alot of time. If I did it more that once every couple of months it probably wouldn't take so much time☺ 
 On the home front ~ With the snow being as deep as it is, we have had a LOT  of moose wandering through. They tend to take "the path of least resistance" in the winter to preserve what nutrition they can find. This is one of our most recent visitors and yes... that is our woodshed behind him and there really is a three foot drop to get in there for wood;~) And after having a solid month of temps below zero we have warmed up to the upper twenties for the daytime high recently so I was able to actually open a window and get this pic
of the recent full moon. Ohh... and I finally got some new rugs for the loft/studio/office area. I will try to slip in a pic of them in the next post, I just love them!
Have a great week!