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Year of Jewelry ~ Week 24

Ok - just so we're clear;  I know my last YOJP post was for Weeks 19 & 20. I am still playing catch up. (I did Week 21 also, I just neglected to blog about it. My bad) AND, as you know, I don't always follow the prompt for the weekly theme, but I am actually skipping 22 & 23 (for now) to post for Week 24. The theme is "Commitment". This seemed to fit the theme on so many levels☺ lol. The pendant was actually  my entry for   Week 11  "Rescued From the Scrap Bin" I was determined that I would actually DO something with the pendant so that it didn't have to spend another two years waiting. ~Commitment~ I had seen a necklace design in the February 2013 issue of  Jewelry Stringing. The design was a winner of the 2012 Bead Star Contest for the "stones" category and was designed by Darcy Alice. As usual, I didn't follow the pattern exactly, (do I ever?!) I re-did the side on the right TH

just random ~ ish-ness

Sooo, I haven't posted in a few weeks and I'm OK with that. I'm behind on my YOJP pieces, and I'm OK with that. I have veggies growing in the raised beds that I built and the moose have only nibbled a few of the plants The little one has a taste for broccoli and jalapeno pepper plants ~ go figure☺  but they haven't completely destroyed anything yet.  Which is seriously  Awesome! We have had the weirdest weather I can ever remember. (I have been in Alaska for 21 years now) Two winters ago we had record amounts of snow. (they ran out of places to put it all and it is illegal to dump it in the ocean) Last summer we had the coolest July on record (the entire summer pretty much sucked, we only  had about 2 or 3 days above 70 the entire summer) This last winter we broke the record for the  "longest snow season" meaning the longest stretch between the first snow fall of the season and the last snow fall of the season.  &

the hard work is done.....for now

If you've been around for a while, you may recall that last summer we did a little yard work☺ You can read a little about it here Essentially, we completely started over with our yard. The only section that we didn't complete was this one Unfinished raised bed area - Aug 2012 This is the area we tackled this year. So, on Mother's Day weekend we started.... Honey made 4 trips with this bad boy and we ended up with 20 yards of gravel. This is May 11 and you will notice there are no leaves...any where:( Let me tell you that is a lot of gravel folks☺ Well I shoveled and shoveled (and no, Honey doesn't shovel). I have had very bad luck with delivered bulk top soil,  it always seems to be really poor quality, as in ~ nothing will grow:( so for these beds we went with a mix of "garden soil" and "potting soil" in the bags so the next day Honey went and got the first of the soil. 48 - 2cu ft bags. (those pup