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A different kind of W.I.P.

The shed kit. Looks exciting, huh? This is the end of day 1. Keep in mind Honey spent the morning going to town to get the kit and footings. We spent about 3½ hours getting to this point. We are now level and square.
And it's time for Nascar ...
And this is about ready to start.
Here we are after day 2.....
We worked on this from 8:30 to 5:00. It still needs the roof and some trim and, of course I will paint it to match the house ( that's the way I am), but I think we did a good job. We didn't kill each other ( he was ON HIS WAY OUT a couple of times, but then he came around to my way of thinking) and I like the way it looks so far.
Just a side note:  If you don't here from me in a couple of days, send help. I'm probably still too sore  to get out of bed.
Happy Mother's Day!!!