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I had a ton of things I was planning on working on over the weekend in the crafty department, but after writing my previous post, I felt compelled (more like obsessed with the need)  to experiment with making some fall leaves.
This is the first batch These were done with acrylic paint. I wasn't sure if I liked them at first but they have grown on me. hahahaha!  I kill me☺

These are the second go-round. On these I used alcohol inks. The color was a lot brighter before they went in the oven. They seem to have lost some of the color during the cure but I still really like them.  They are a little more 'elegant'. Next time around I will try curing then applying the inks and see how that works.
After gathering everybody together for this group shot, I realized I like them combined. I still want to try to get the inks brighter  and that will just give me even more variety. That is, after all, why some many people enjoy fall foliage, right?
And something else I discovered during my experimenting. …