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just cuz

Just cuz.. I have a ton of different things I want to be working on in the clay  department... and a ton of rings I want to wire wrap and a ton of life getting in the way. And Just cuz.. I have a small blank wall in my bathroom  that I stare at every morning while I'm brushing my teeth and planning my day in my head, which almost always makes me loose track  of how long I have been  brushing my teeth. Thank goodness I have one of those Oral B brushes.   I have one that actually does a weird little buzz-buzz-buzz every two minutes.  I guess that's to help tell you if you are  brushing long enough but some mornings that little sucker goes  buzz-buzz-buzz three or four times.  Then if I try to remember if I've gotten  the front AND back of the top AND bottom and I can't remember where I started then I do a quick ALL OVER just to be sure. You can laugh, but I haven't had a cavity in over thirty years ☺
Sorry. Back to our regularly scheduled program.
And Just cuz.. I already had some cl…