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finally finished this

I will have to take some better pics before I list it but I like the way it finally turned out.
I had started out wanting to make this a dramatic "neck piece" with three roses and some 'pops' of red.  I was really insistent on the red.  But I hated it.  So I went with the softer look. (Thank you Crafty Moose) With the more feminine look, three roses looked too bulky, so I went with one.  After that decision was finally made, everything came together really quickly. I really liked the way it turned out. That is until I had it all strung, put it up to my neck to make sure I liked the length and promptly lost hold of the unfinished end :(
Who knew pearls could bounce like that? It was like a whole bunch of little bitty super balls.....all over  the room.
After retrieving what I could, I started over. I like the second incarnation too.

I'm just glad it's finally done, but I think I need to make some dainty, dangly earrings to go with it.
And just in case you are not TOTALLY…