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you may now commence drooling and wishing you were me

See? The photo stinks but the beads are definately drool-worthy☺ All of these gorgeous beads made it all the way from Juls in Alabama  to Alaska in pristine condition. I spent a couple of hours one evening, opening tons of little bundles of bubble wrap. (It was better than Christmas morning!) When I went to bed that night I left the box of beads on the table next to my chair. Said box of beads also contained tissue paper - I know better. Lily-girl has a little addiction to all things paper. She can eat a half a box of kleenex in 10 minutes flat. Paper towels, napkins it doesn't matter, she can have a roll of toilet paper strung down the hall and halfway up the stairs in no time. And apparently the addiction includes, Yep, tissue paper.  The next morning when I went back upstairs there was a giant pile of gorgeous glass on the floor. After picking everything up and assessing the damage I found that there was  only one broken bead. I'm sure that was due to the workmanship involved in making th…