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Crossing my eyes and dotting my t~s

This week has been abouttaking two steps forward and three steps back. I have decided to entirely re~do my website.  I want to take the paypal buttons out and just direct interested parties to my Etsy and Artfire stores.  I have the idea to put slide shows in the galleries and optional thumbnails to click for a closer look, but that means actually uploading my photos to Flickr (I also have Picasa but I didn't like the slideshow option as much as the one offered by Flickr).  But before I can upload them I need to figure out which folder I decided to put them in on my computer.  Sooooo..... I have spent many hours organizing "My Pictures" on my computer,  I have just begun uploading to Flickr and my Facebook (more about that later)  so that I can embed the slide shows on the gallery pages of my website after I change the entire look of the website as a whole!
Then, just today, I received an email from Kathy.  She said that she really enjoyed reading my blog (♥ thank you Kath…