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What I've been up to

Besides work, which ended up being 5 Mondays in a row this past week=( I have been working on a few things.
Penguins A little dragon baby in back there, waiting on legs☺
Some simple little Christmas earrings
I am also crocheting some wash cloths for my Mom's husband (to go in his newly remodeled bathroom) and a neckwarmer for Mom. These will go in the giant gift bag of goodies we give them every year. They each get their own large gift bag full of wrapped gifts, even the smallest item is gift wrapped. The first year we did this Mom absolutely loved it! She said it was so much fun to just  spend the morning "unwrapping". So it's pretty much become a tradition☺

"On November 3, 2002, a 7.9 earthquake hit the area near Denali. This was North America's largest inland earthquake in almost 150 years. Alaska is so sparsely populated that the damage from this quake was relatively mild."
"More bald eagles inhabit Southeast Alaska than anywhere else in the world."