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Sometimes I wish

it worked this way ☺


I had hoped to be done with these little fellas by Monday evening, but waking up with a NASTY cold puts a bit of a damper on productivity.  (Just to give you an idea of their actual size, the little bucket stands 2" tall.) 

This unfortunate little guy told me his name was Everett.  He's not quite sure how he ended up in this predicament.
Unfortunately, no one else was very forthcoming with info. Apparently they are waiting for someone else to give them a name.

I would hate to send them out into the world nameless.
Can you help?

Weekend W.I.P.

A little group shot of the new kids.  Pre-paint. Hope you're having a great weekend!!

Crossing my eyes and dotting my t~s

This week has been abouttaking two steps forward and three steps back. I have decided to entirely re~do my website.  I want to take the paypal buttons out and just direct interested parties to my Etsy and Artfire stores.  I have the idea to put slide shows in the galleries and optional thumbnails to click for a closer look, but that means actually uploading my photos to Flickr (I also have Picasa but I didn't like the slideshow option as much as the one offered by Flickr).  But before I can upload them I need to figure out which folder I decided to put them in on my computer.  Sooooo..... I have spent many hours organizing "My Pictures" on my computer,  I have just begun uploading to Flickr and my Facebook (more about that later)  so that I can embed the slide shows on the gallery pages of my website after I change the entire look of the website as a whole!
Then, just today, I received an email from Kathy.  She said that she really enjoyed reading my blog (♥ thank you Kath…

a closer look......

Taking a little step back in time, this is my work table right after we got done putting it in. It is 7½ ft long and 4ft wide. It's cut out of furniture grade 3/4" plywood.
I drew out what I wanted and my Honey cut it and helped me get it up the ladder, then it was up to me to install. It's mostly level☺
After 3 coats of varnish, I started loading it up.

There is a regular crank pasta machine on the right and the wider model with a motor on the left.
Now for a little look-seeunderneath that bad boy. Just ignore the dust on the floor, I do all the time and it still won't go away. That strange looking white thing on the floor is an air compressor for a spray gun. I was able to get that cheap! cheap! My old job (of 16 years) was running a bakery in a large grocery chain and when we went through a complete remodel they replaced every piece of equipment whether it needed it or not. We were given the option of paying a few bucks for anything that was being "disposed of&qu…

a little look around......

Thought I would show you a little of my "area". This is actually my kitchen. (I know what your thinking," That couldn't possibly be the kitchen it has a stove and fridge." DUH, right?)

Anywhooo... ignore the mid-week clutter on the counter and zero in on that hard to spot 'LADDER IN THE MIDDLE OF MY KITCHEN' Stairway to Heaven?? Not.But it does take me to my happy place. ☺ Welcome to "The Loft", otherwise known as my area, the office, my clay table, my "Studio"
or simply, MY HAPPY PLACE☺ The entire floor space is about 15' x 20' but with the pitch of the roof, usable space is a little limited. The pic above shows an over view of the "office" side of the loft. On the right is the opening where the ladder is. Hand rails. Safety first. It pretty much cuts the room in half on the one side. And, yes, there are two computer monitors there on the left. Two printers, too. Long story. Might get into it someday.

~~And this s…

May I Introduce.............

"EYERIS" (Thank you Sonia☺)

Eyeris comes to us from the Stringdom Region of Melodia.

Everyone in the Stringdom Region is a revered member of 'Thee Symphony Orchestra'.

She plays strings beautifully! And she does LOVE her pearls.☺

Jam session anyone?

still a W.I.P.

I was planning on being much closer to done. But my original "vague" idea of the finished piece didn't have ANY detail.
Then there is the whole structural 'thing' to work out.
Still mentally designing the feet.

sneak peek

This little lady hails from Melodia.

I have a vague mental picture of her finished self.

I'm a little concerned about her feet. Not sure if what I want to do will work. We'll just have to see.I might need some help with a name. We'll get more into that when we all have a better idea of what she looks like she wants to be named.

Snow, snow go away.

I know it's only March. And around here, this is usually what it looks like

in March.
I took these photos from the dining room window. It is 20° and I have spent enough time outside today.I honestly love living here, but this always happens to me this time of year. I am DONE with winter. What I wouldn't give to see some nasty brown grass out there. ☺
I just have to keep reminding myself, the more time it is cold outside, the more time I have to concentrate on my "artsy stuff". Gardening and ATV riding are just around the corner ( just a couple of months away). And since summer is fleeting around here, there is not a lot of time to spend indoors. THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! No time to do housework in the summer either. ☺ If you are worried that this is going to turn into a Weather Blog, let me ease your fears.I have started a couple more "residents" of Melodia. I should have some WIP pics to post in a day or two and I am almost finished with a new necklace / earrin…

Nice Surprise

I woke up this morning with, what could be described as, a challenging attitude. Maybe it is the time of year, that dreary between seasons time of year. Maybe it's the lack of sunshine and I have come down with SAD.
Maybe it's the fact that I fought with my aged camera for 3 hours last night and only have about a half dozen usable shots for posting on Etsy.

(OH SO looking forward to more struggling here shortly. YEA!)

Then of course, it didn't help that I had to drive to Anchorage TWICE today for parts. Actually, to be completely accurate, I had to drive to Anchorage once for the wrong part, then a second time for the right part. I really HATE driving in Anchorage. It's very congested and half of the drivers seem to be late for something and the other half seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to make a right hand turn from the left hand lane, on a whim. These trips were in addition to my regular commute which is 45 miles one way in the opposite direction from Anchorage …

From the Land of Melodia.

Meet DonYm.
He is from the Land of Melodia.

It seems that everyone in Melodia is "Born to Play".

DonYm hails from the Woodwind Region. I believe that region is up North or maybe it's down South. There are so many different regions in the Land of Melodia, I get confused.

We will soon be meeting a lovely resident from the Stringdom Region.

My inspiration for our new friend here was this photograph.

I first saw this photo on this blog post.

This is one of the blogs I found during the OWOH event this year.
It is a wonderful blog and Sue of Barton Originals makes the most gorgeous art dolls, fairies and sculptures I have ever seen!Seriously. You really need to check it out!

Ok, done gushing.....

Back to the photo ☺

When I first saw it I had a vague idea of a really "dark" creature with the hollow eyes like the masks and other features that appeared to be just forming as it emerged from the underworld.

Well, obviously this guy wasn't having any of that!

He wanted to be a ligh…