a closer look......

Taking a little step back in time, this is my work table right after we got done putting it in. It is 7½ ft long and 4ft wide. It's cut out of furniture grade 3/4" plywood.

I drew out what I wanted and my Honey cut it and helped me get it up the ladder, then it was up to me to install. It's mostly level☺

After 3 coats of varnish, I started loading it up.

There is a regular crank pasta machine on the right and the wider model with a motor on the left.

Now for a little look-see underneath that bad boy. Just ignore the dust on the floor, I do all the time and it still won't go away. That strange looking white thing on the floor is an air compressor for a spray gun. I was able to get that cheap! cheap!

My old job (of 16 years) was running a bakery in a large grocery chain and when we went through a complete remodel they replaced every piece of equipment whether it needed it or not. We were given the option of paying a few bucks for anything that was being "disposed of". Being the boss had at least one perk, I got first dibs on that baby and took home the compressor and spray gun for 5 bucks. YAH!

The three drawer rolly cart is great storage for heat gun, clamps, misc tools. Roll it out when I need to get something out, then roll it back under. The shelf is another story. If I want something off of there I have to crawl under and get it. The food processor, YEP another great deal and it's really heavy duty and just plain HEAVY☺

That strange pile of stuff under the table is just polyester batting, pieces of an old cotton sheet and some foil. All good things for bracing clay when baking.

This side of the room is obviously storage. There are three separate sets of shelves that Honey made. They were made so that each shelf could hold two of those plastic three drawer things.

Marking the drawers is my little attempt at being organized. It does help me remember where things are actually supposed to live when I finally move them off of my work table.

We picked this guy up at Fred Meyer on clearance. It is supposed to be for storing art supplies, but those little drawers are perfect for storing clay☺

I bet when you started reading this post, you didn't realize you were being sucked into the equivalent of a 300 page novel. LOL!

If you made it this far, I want to thank you for joining me for the tour. I don't get many visitors.
I'm sure it's not his fault.


  1. But clay IS/ARE art supplies! I love your creative space~ It is natural and inviting and can I have it? :D

  2. Wow - I love the work table. Everything looks so spacious - I have a rather small workspace. And I like that everything is so wonderfully organized. I try but then when I get in the thick of things, I leave things here and there. Then the fun of reorganizing starts all over again!!! LOL
    Have a nice weekend. Theresa

  3. I love your work space! Are you in the attic? I think slanted ceilings are a bit of a pain, but fun if you can figure out how to make them work.

    And wouldn't clay be considered art supplies?

    I also have a 4 legged friend that likes to join me in our studio. He enjoys laying right in the way, it's the only spot where the sun (when it decides to shine) hits the floor.

  4. Hi Julianna! Your right, clay is an art supply ☺ I would definately be willing to share my space but I think it would be difficult to ship. LOL!

  5. Thanks Theresa, considering the overall size of our house, I did end up with a nice space (it was my husband's idea ☺) I did have to tidy a bit before I took the pics.

  6. Hi Tina! Thank you and yes it is an attic of sorts. Our house started out as a small log cabin, the previous owner put on a large addition, but the main part of the house is the cabin and my space is on the top level☺

  7. Wow! What a wonderful work space you have! It looks so tidy and organized...so haven't you been creating lately! LOL! I know mine doesn't stay like this long!


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