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Year of Jewelry Weeks 7 & 8

Gosh, I seem to really be the bloggy slacker. You would think I could at least keep up with one post per week. At least I have kept up with posting to the Project on time. So far☺

When I posted this to the project I still  wasn't sure how I wanted to string it.
I think a beaded necklace would have been too much and when I tried plain leather cord it looked TOO plain, so I settled on this chain. It's now in the  shop . This was from a tutorial by the extremely talented
Lisa Lynn Barth I have a long way to go with this technique.
It's wiggly and wavy, but I still like the results☺

This bracelet was made following the tutorial exactly,
but once I get the technique down, I have
so many ideas of different directions to go with it!
This one is in the shop here.