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The Year of Jewelry ~ Week 3

I swear I have other things happening in my life than just this project.☺
Hopefully I will start posting about some of those things....

But in the mean time I will just show you my week 3 project I don't know why, but this one was really hard to photograph
(do you ever have one of those days when everything looks like it spelled wrong)
Oh well..........moving on........

I must have taken about 60 shots
Using different "props"
Different backgrounds
And different angles
and I still am not really thrilled with how any of the photos came out,
but I do like how the bracelet came out.
It was fun to just play.
I am waiting for this book, but thought I would do some experimenting on my own.
I used 16g dark annealed steel wire that I got at the hardware store.
I scrubbed it good with a sanding sponge, then I shaped the links,
whacked at them with a hammer.
Then I made some jump rings with some 20g steel wire and
joined the links and made an extender chain. Then…