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Gift Swap

Just thought I would share a couple of pics of what I made for our gift swap at work. I filled it with bath salts. She loved it. I think:)

I finally took some time and tried some of the creatures from Christi Friesen's book "Under the Sea". I think it came out pretty well:)

Semi-Homemade and A Little Something for You.

I had a small group of people to give a gift to this year. They all needed to be the same (equal) and they needed to be gender and age neutral. So I copped out and got gift cards to a store that I know they all shop at. The gift cards alone seemed very impersonal so I tried to come up with a more Christmas-y delivery system.

Thank Goodness for the "Gift Basket"

I found myself with the same problem as before. What to put in the basket with the gift card.Well this is what I finally came up with.The Anatomy of a (my) Gift Basket.I started with a plain bushel basket from Michael's and hot glued some ribbon around the sides and added a bow.To accompany the gift card I added:A small bag of mini candy bars.2 sample bags of flavored coffee.A small bag of my homemade Snickerdoodle cookies.A music CD that my husband put together of Mannheim Steamroller Cristmas songs.And last but not least....drum roll please..................................My Grandma Deen's FABULOUS Applesauce…