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Catching up .....again;)

Here we have Weeks 26 - 29 projects for  The Year of Jewelry Project. I actually have been pretty punctual about posting to the group, just not so much here☺
These guys have been back several times for extra helpings but I have been able to enjoy a little broccoli, cauliflower and leaf lettuce that they kindly left alone. One little one is all about the strawberry plants and the other has developed a taste for beets:( I guess sharing is a good thing..right?
Anyway... here we go ~
~ Week 26 ~
~ Week 27 ~
~ Week 28 ~
~ Week 29 ~ 

Evil wears a 'cute suit'

I know what you're thinking Oooohhh! Aren't they just the cutest! So precious! Just the sweetest little family! But..... This, my friends, is evil in a 'cute suit'! "What proof do you have that this precious, adorable creature is evil?" you may ask .

Before. After. Before.

After. I will spare you the rest of the carnage. Let's just say that this year I planted a giant moose salad bar;~(