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My New Light Box :-)

♥ I think I love my new light box ♥

(My light box set up on the floor in the loft) I found this great tutorial for making a collapsible light box. I have been flirting with the idea of buying one, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay that kind of money. I have found a few tutorials for making one, but they are a little more "permanent". Like I would have to find a place to store it when I wasn't using it and I have a tiny house (I mean tiny) and about a third of the useable storage space is already filled up with my craft stash. It was super easy to build, I followed the instructions and it came together in about 1 hour (most of that time was spent marking, measuring and looking for my utility knife that my husband had used and not put back :-)My light box cost me alittle more than the 5 bucks it cost Amy, but then again alot of things you buy in Alaska seem to cost quite a bit more than the lower 48. The box itself cost me around $12 (foam core- 4 pieces @ 2.99 ea, po…