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frustrating W.I.P.

I have been messing with this stupid thing for 3 days now....
About a month ago I received an order of beads and as I was putting them away I just happened on a combination I thought would go awesome with the polymer roses I had made earlier and I figured as soon as I had a chance I could throw together a necklace and earring set. Did I keep that group of beads off to the side??  ...Umm NO...    Did I, at least,  keep one of each in a little bowl so I would remember the combo when I had the chance to get to it??  ..Umm NO.... I know it had some red and that is what I liked the most...the red.
It also had these long gold spacers and I think white pearls? Didn't like the pearls, so I tried these glass thingies.  I like them better but now I think I'm likin' the
silver spacers better.  And I think they work better with the pearls. I may have to give up completely on the red, but I am going to keep trying a little longer. I may have to throw the polymer roses back into the bowl until I…