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Is it showing?

my age, that is.....
I spent the last week recovering from last weekend and catching up on some of the things that didn't get done last weekend, while we were building the shed. This weekend consisted of finishing the construction of the shed.
The roof is on, the trim is on, the screen under the eaves is in so the birds won't be nesting in there. ( Can't guarantee there won't be bats.  They can fit just about anywhere. )
All that is left is the painting and the steps.  The steps are just going to be made out of old railroad ties stacked up.  We will have a movable ramp because the shed will primarily be for storing the 4 wheelers.  We will be able to put the ramp up to get them in or out then just fold it up and slide it into the shed when we're done.
I was able to carve out some time to do a couple of experiments I've desperately been wanting to start since I got these.
I really like the one at the top of the post, but I think
I LOVE this one.
Both are sterling silver…