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Year of Jewelry Weeks 45 & 46 and other stuff

Well, it got kinda cold here for a couple of weeks ~ now , not so much:~) Yes..... I took this picture on my way home TODAY  November 18 and it wasn't just a fluke.... for today. It's been this way for a while..... and I am. not. complaining☺ If the wind wasn't so bad at the house  we would be buildin' ourselves a greenhouse. Yes it finally arrived. YAY! It is tucked away in the shelter for the winter.
OK, on with it.... Finally finished this one. I don't know why I seem to stall on some  projects when I am so close to the end. lol I really like the slide clasp on this, it's my first time using one of these. I think I will be getting more☺ l I was actually making a byzantine chain maille  bracelet, didn't like it as a solid chain, re-worked it, made a bunch of "links", got side tracked and made these☺
 Here's  a little glimpse of what I'm currently working on It's not driving me crazy☺ I'm also working on this And this might be. I …