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Look what happened last weekend.

In this picture, if you look REALLY close at the area above and to the left of the "fabulous" snow pile, you can just make out our house. (Just to the right of the power pole) This shot was taken from the lower section of our "driveway", which is actually 1/4 mile of dirt road. And I referred to the snow pile as "fabulous", because my wonderful hubby has been trying to perfect his snow plowing skills and he feels that he has out done himself this year!

The photo below is another one of his snow piles.I know what you're thinking, "Wow! Another picture of a snow pile! How exciting!"But at least this one includes Scooby Doo.And the snow piles are kind of cool until they start to thaw while the ground is still frozen, then the driveway gets kind of Lake-ish.**(Thought I should edit this post to clarify that only the top 12 inches of this crap happened last weekend :-) **
I saw a row of Pagodas. What do you see?

Oh! I almost forgot!! I learned a new …