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19 years ago........

19 Years ago today ♥

Fast forward ...... 
  We've been best friends from the beginning. We have spent almost all of our free time together (except when he rides his snowmachine, I don't do winter outdoors)
The only time I was worried that our relationship might be difficult was when he got a wild hair and decided that he wanted us to own our own business. And ... work.... together. 
That was 4 1/2 years ago and I'm happy to report that business is doing as well as could be expected, our employees AND customers think we are "Cute" together
and we are still best friends♥

A Challenge........

My first challenge☺
You can call me Chicken Girl if you want, but I have never entered a "Challenge" before. I guess I have always been afraid of getting ~ 0 ~ votes. No voting involved in this one, as far as I can tell, and even if there was, what's the worst that can happen?  No one can "take away my birthday"  (I get older next week by the way☺) so I figured ~ why not go for it!
There are two categories~
A finished piece:
  Asymmetrical earrings using my polymer clay leaves wire wrapped to hammered copper washers with a lamp work bead from my fav Juls.
The second category ~
 Handmade component:
 More polymer clay leaves using a different surface treatment. So, I guess I'm entering two challenges☺ Hey, even the Cowardly Lion stepped up to plate eventually, right?
~Baby steps~

Finally finished...Yay!!

And I couldn't be more pleased with it;~)

Ok let's recap how this little lovely evolved shall we?
I told you a little while back how I had been inspired to try something new. And this one was the second one I was working on. (after a little mishap with the first one) This is how it started out
I wasn't really pleased with how it was coming along, so I reworked it a bit.

And it was slowly becoming this, but when I got to where I was going to finish off #1  ~ It was more choker length than bracelet length (unless you are the Hulk) #2 ~ I had a few cords that were just too short to work  with for finishing.
Now, you need to know that when I decided that I wanted to try this micro-macrame thing, I went in search of instruction. I bought this pattern as inspiration and I also got this book and this book (I highly recommend this one). One would think that if someone was just learning something for the first time and they had the resources available (ie: books in han…

getting distracted

My plan this last weekend was to clean and organize my work area. Translated, that means = clear a path so I can get to my table and mess with some clay.
I got distracted. I'm sad to say that it didn't take long at all. But I made these☺
And there's always next weekend☺

redo, redoing, redone.....

I finished the ends of this using this tutorial ~~ Thank you Sherri ~~
I love the way the ends look and, even with all of it's flaws, I like the way the pattern turned out, But....... after double checking that all of my knotting was tight, then glueing the knots and trimming my ends I realized that...   I had one end right side up.....
 and the other end upside down.  Oops....
So.... I will redo this one in the same pattern and hopefully both ends will be right side up when I finish☺
I am redoing this one. I added a lot more cords and I love the way it is coming along.
And for "redone"....
 I liked it this way but I started thinking that I wanted it to be a bit "beefier" (word?) So I did this....

Then I got totally distracted and made a bunch of earrings for absolutely no reason..... ~except that I had an idea~