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Look what I got!

Let me just say that these are.... totally. my. colors! I love these!
I love that jasper heart focal and the toggle is awesome. I DO love me some copper;~) There is nephrite jade, more jasper, pearls, glass and more copper. These arrived yesterday, I was able to pick them up at the Post Office on my way home from work and I was so excited when I saw them that I have already started coming up with actual ideas of what I'm going to make. For me that is HUGE. I might actually have a finished piece by reveal day☺ In other news, we have arrived at "rainy season"  so sunny, warm days are going to be few and far between. The one plus side of that is that I spend a LOT more time inside at my clay table. And I miss my clay table. The flowers that I planted in my perennial garden did well. Especially well, considering  they were baby plants that were shipped throught the mail.
If they make it through the winter,  I may be well on my way to actually having that perennial garden☺ I got these lili…