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I drew a face ☺

Let me start by saying --> I CANNOT DRAW <--
I've always wanted to be able to draw, but I am just not artistic in that sort of way. I do a lot of doodling but in more of zentangle way, not actual doodles of people or things. Then this morning as I was having coffee and perusing my blog roll,  I came across this post by Donna at Doings of Doone
She wrote:
"Give yourself a quiet calm undisturbed Hour. Listen to your most lovely music whilst you draw - and do NOT listen to any thoughts in your own head - for this one hour You Are Mine, and you will enjoy your love affair with Art .... I Say Do IT.....Do It Now - you can always curse me for the wasted hour later...."
"Get sketching people, it ain't hard girls...
Art is not the preserve of the 'talented' "
So I figured OK. What the heck. And guess what... I drew a face ☺
She is NOT the face I was supposed to draw. She is NOT proportional. She is NOT shaded properly.
She is also NOT hideous;~) She IS recognizable …