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My finished project☺...and a tutorial review

Ok, so I showed you this earlier in the week Well..... I finished it☺ YAY! And it didn't take me six months☺
On the more complicated projects, I have a tendency to a) lose interest and set it aside or b) get distracted by another project  and forget about it for a while. Usually b☺
A few weeks ago I saw a picture of this bracelet on facebook
 with a link to the tutorial 

I bought the tutorial and
 ordered the beads and got to work.
The tutorial was very easy to follow
even for a novice beader like me. According to the tutorial the tension on the last couple of steps needed to be pretty tight in order for the last rows to sit right. No matter how hard I tried I could not get it to sit right. I'm going to chalk that up to my lack of experience and not the pattern, at least until I make another.  (which I will ~ there are so many gorgeous colors of these triangle beads☺)

My solution for getting the bottom to sit right.

Tube beads☺ This keeps the last row from flipping up.

The …

Year of Jewelry Weeks 45 & 46 and other stuff

Well, it got kinda cold here for a couple of weeks ~ now , not so much:~) Yes..... I took this picture on my way home TODAY  November 18 and it wasn't just a fluke.... for today. It's been this way for a while..... and I am. not. complaining☺ If the wind wasn't so bad at the house  we would be buildin' ourselves a greenhouse. Yes it finally arrived. YAY! It is tucked away in the shelter for the winter.
OK, on with it.... Finally finished this one. I don't know why I seem to stall on some  projects when I am so close to the end. lol I really like the slide clasp on this, it's my first time using one of these. I think I will be getting more☺ l I was actually making a byzantine chain maille  bracelet, didn't like it as a solid chain, re-worked it, made a bunch of "links", got side tracked and made these☺
 Here's  a little glimpse of what I'm currently working on It's not driving me crazy☺ I'm also working on this And this might be. I …

Year Of Jewelry ~ Weeks 43 & 44

I finally got my jump ring cutter set up. (I got it for Christmas last year. I hate rushing into things☺)  I'm kinda pleased with these chainmaille projects cuz I cut all the small rings myself☺

I used silver filled wire. I'm a couple days behind on Week 45, but my helper at work was on vacation last week so I had longs days all week but I'm almost done with a 'beaded beauty'☺ I'll be posting it in a day or two.
Oh~ and the greenhouse kit was finally delivered TODAY! We wont be building it until the spring now, but it's HERE☺ Yay!

YOJP ~ Week 42

Several months back I pre-ordered a wire weaving book. It finally came☺ I made these☺ Have I mentioned I love copper?☺

Year of Jewelry ~ Weeks 35 - 41 ~ In other words "I am caught up!" HOOO HOOO☺

And I spent the weekend cleaning my work area and catching up on season 4 of  "The Walking Dead" on netflix. So my husband can now "walk" across the room to the window instead of tip-toeing.  ( I tend to spread (everything) out on the floor when I'm making stuff☺) So, I am feeling rather accomplished☺

 I'm actually pretty pleased with all of these guys, but I really love this one.
I kinda like these too☺
 I was hoping to get some new stuff listed in the store over the weekend but the disaster that I call "my area" was just too HUGE!  Whatever time that wasn't spent on laundry, vacuuming,etc was spent "putting away".
I am going to do a "shop update" soon. I'll keep ya posted☺

Summer is coming to a close....

Well... now that summer is coming to an end I  will be spending more time indoors, which means more time to make stuff and list stuff and post about stuff☺
This past Sunday I did carve out several hours to try and  play catch-up (again / still) on The Year of Jewelry Project
This one I think I actually posted on time but didn't share here These I just made and posted over the weekend  I need to get my enamels out ~  I miss playing with the torch☺

I really like this piece. The gorgeous lamp work beads are  from JulsBeads and I made the beadcaps, metal spacers, clasp,  polymer clay spacers and beads and the viking knit☺ (I did not make the cone ends for the viking knit;)
I still have about 4 more weeks of catch up to do but it shouldn't take too long.
In other news, we were hoping to have the new greenhouse up by now but, apparently, some of the panels are on back order so it's been delayed and hasn't even shipped yet;( Don't know if we will receive it in time to put…

Summertime and Year of Jewelry ~ Week 30

Summertime is such a busy time, the good kind of busy☺
In addition to yard work and gardening, Hubs and I went to a family reunion in Washington (state) It was awesome☺
I am also in the process of pulling out all of the old carpet in the house to get ready for the new carpet install next week. YAY!
AND, we are in the planning stages of putting in a foundation for the  NEW greenhouse that should be arriving in about a month. YAY ~ YAY!☺ (I am so flipping excited!!!!) Busy ~ busy!
I thought I would share some pics of my tomatoes. I'm kinda proud of their progress

Now we just water and wait for these guys to turn red☺
I'm still trying to keep up with The Year of Jewelry Project I'm only 1 week behind☺
Here is Week 30

Catching up .....again;)

Here we have Weeks 26 - 29 projects for  The Year of Jewelry Project. I actually have been pretty punctual about posting to the group, just not so much here☺
These guys have been back several times for extra helpings but I have been able to enjoy a little broccoli, cauliflower and leaf lettuce that they kindly left alone. One little one is all about the strawberry plants and the other has developed a taste for beets:( I guess sharing is a good thing..right?
Anyway... here we go ~
~ Week 26 ~
~ Week 27 ~
~ Week 28 ~
~ Week 29 ~ 

Evil wears a 'cute suit'

I know what you're thinking Oooohhh! Aren't they just the cutest! So precious! Just the sweetest little family! But..... This, my friends, is evil in a 'cute suit'! "What proof do you have that this precious, adorable creature is evil?" you may ask .

Before. After. Before.

After. I will spare you the rest of the carnage. Let's just say that this year I planted a giant moose salad bar;~(

Year of Jewelry ~ Week 25 (or my very favorite piece of jewelry I have ever made for myself ♥)

I can't even tell you  how much I love this cuff.
The wrap is rustic (read: far from perfect☺)

It's chunky

A little wonky

It looks like it would be really heavy

But it's not

It is seriously comfy ~ fits like a glove☺

Don't you just love that eyeball???!!!
THAT my friends is a hand made lampwork cabochon
made by the lovely and talented
Juli Cannon of Studio Juls ♥ I used copper wire in several gauges:
10g, 16g, 20g and 24g
A lot of heating and pounding went into this cuff
and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.