Summer is coming to a close....

Well... now that summer is coming to an end I 
will be spending more time indoors,
which means more time to make stuff and list stuff
and post about stuff☺

This past Sunday I did carve out several hours to try and
 play catch-up (again / still) on

This one I think I actually posted on time but didn't share here
These I just made and posted over the weekend
 I need to get my enamels out ~ 
I miss playing with the torch☺

I really like this piece.
The gorgeous lamp work beads are 
from JulsBeads
and I made the beadcaps, metal spacers, clasp, 
polymer clay spacers and beads and the viking knit☺
(I did not make the cone ends for the viking knit;)

I still have about 4 more weeks of catch up to do but
it shouldn't take too long.

In other news,
we were hoping to have the new greenhouse up by now
but, apparently, some of the panels are on back order
so it's been delayed and hasn't even shipped yet;(
Don't know if we will receive it in time to put it up
before the snow flies;(
This was the beginning of the foundation.
This picture was taken about a month ago,
It's actually pretty much complete now.
I'll show you some really exciting foundation pics when I
get them downloaded☺
And hopefully some new jewelry☺


  1. Hi Pat,
    All your pieces are very pretty. I just love Juli's lamp worked beads. Good luck with the green house.

  2. love the top piece ..week 31? I wish I could figure out how to do something similar with the coins I brought back from Ireland on Tuesday. I want to make a necklace for my 12 year old grand daughter with one. I have till Christmas so I guess I can play around LOL?!


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