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still obsessing

I finished another batch of leaves Well, I thought I was finished with this batch. I really like that the colors were so vibrant,  but they seemed almost too 'bright'.
I added some "antiquing", a fancy way of saying burnt umber acrylic, and I like them much better. I have a ton of these, now I just need to figure out what to do with them ☺
I'm planning on spending my evening installing jump rings on these bad boys while I watch Criminal Minds. I do love watching TV in the evening, I just can't JUST watch TV.  I always have to be doing something with my hands.

for no particular reason

"Alaska has about 365 million acres of land. Of that, only about 160,000 acres has been cleared, built on, or otherwise directly affected by people" Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia
As many of you know I live in Alaska and I love it MOST of the time.  I have lived here for over 18 years and have seen VERY little of it. (Lots of different reasons but we won't get into that right now.) In an effort to learn a little more about the State in which I reside I decided to do a little research and I came across a very informative and enjoyable site.   It is maintained by a fellow named Douglas Gates.  He lives in Soldotna / Kenai, Alaska (No I don't know him personally, I got the info off the site) You can visit yourself by clicking the link above or click here.

Some of the trivia I already knew and some I didn't. At any rate, I find all of it quite interesting and thought
 I would include at least one, sometimes two interesting bits of
Alaska trivia with each post. The one…


I had a ton of things I was planning on working on over the weekend in the crafty department, but after writing my previous post, I felt compelled (more like obsessed with the need)  to experiment with making some fall leaves.
This is the first batch These were done with acrylic paint. I wasn't sure if I liked them at first but they have grown on me. hahahaha!  I kill me☺

These are the second go-round. On these I used alcohol inks. The color was a lot brighter before they went in the oven. They seem to have lost some of the color during the cure but I still really like them.  They are a little more 'elegant'. Next time around I will try curing then applying the inks and see how that works.
After gathering everybody together for this group shot, I realized I like them combined. I still want to try to get the inks brighter  and that will just give me even more variety. That is, after all, why some many people enjoy fall foliage, right?
And something else I discovered during my experimenting. …


Just wanted to share a couple of sites that I have the privilege of enjoying each and every day on my commute to work.
Granite Creek (photo was taken from the bridge)
Matanuska River Valley
This pic shows the colors a little better. They are really vivid in person.
My sister and brother-in-law spent a week here a couple of summers ago. When we asked them what they thought of Alaska my brother-in-law said that the mountains were gorgeous but that there were so many trees you couldn't really SEE anything.
LOL!  So true ;~)

some new stuff

Let me start this post by saying "I GOT A NEW CAMERA!"

Ok.    Now that I have that out of my system,  I have a couple of new things I have finished.

Some new image transfer pendants. Some are still waiting for "bails".

a new necklace The pendant on this is also an image transfer
after some tweeking with photoshop,  the colors are pretty close to what they look like in person

I really love the way this came out . It makes me happy ;-)
this guy doesn't have a name yet aaand he is also much cuter in person ( and really more of a turquoise color)

turquoise, turquoise, turquoise......
the more I type it, the more wrong the spelling looks
but spellcheck says it's right
Okey dokey... moving on.

my next project
I'm not usually drawn to pinks but the flower in the transfer on this pendant
is just an awesome color

this is the original photo
and the colors on the pendant really a…