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"Alaska has about 365 million acres of land. Of that, only about 160,000 acres has been cleared, built on, or otherwise directly affected by people" Great Land of Alaska - Facts and Trivia
As many of you know I live in Alaska and I love it MOST of the time.  I have lived here for over 18 years and have seen VERY little of it. (Lots of different reasons but we won't get into that right now.) In an effort to learn a little more about the State in which I reside I decided to do a little research and I came across a very informative and enjoyable site.   It is maintained by a fellow named Douglas Gates.  He lives in Soldotna / Kenai, Alaska (No I don't know him personally, I got the info off the site) You can visit yourself by clicking the link above or click here.

Some of the trivia I already knew and some I didn't. At any rate, I find all of it quite interesting and thought
 I would include at least one, sometimes two interesting bits of
Alaska trivia with each post. The one…