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I'm taking a class!!!!

Well, it's actually an e-Course and I am so excited!!

Late last year I bought this Then I asked for this for Christmas. Since then I have been trying to figure out where I am going to be able to play with my new toys.
I live in a log cabin with somewhat low-ish ceilings, except in the living room which is a cathedral style.  And since it is a log cabin with three different types of heat, oil heat stove, propane heat stove and wood stove, we have a smoke alarm on every floor and they are very, very sensitive. Opening windows for any length of time in the winter is not a comfortable proposition. So I had pretty much decided that I would have to wait for summer.
Then this e-Course came up and I just had to sign up.
Still don't have a place in the house where I can set up, so what to do? I had an epiphany (gosh I've wanted to use that word for so long:). At the shop we have a very large loft space that is used for storage and I was sure I could 'eek' out enough sp…

everybody's doing it...

Let me start by telling you that I DO NOT make polymer clay canes. I totally don't have the patience.
I love the way they look, I have a lot of respect for people who do caning,
 but it's just not for me.
I do not have the patience.
I do crochet though.
I hear ya... What does that have to do with anything?????
Well, a few of the polymer blogs that I follow have been talking about
 this cool Granny Square cane. I have been wanting to put a bit of a handle on my crochet hooks for a while now, the hand can get a little 'crampy' holding onto those little suckers. Especially since I do my crocheting in the evening, AFTER I am done either working on the computer all day (my day job) and/or conditioning and sculpting with clay or doing some sort of wire work. Anyway, you get the idea... my hands aren't as young as they used to be☺ And how cute would it be to have a handle of a crochet hook made out of granny squares???
So I bought the tutorial and I got the idea to use an…

a little bit of wire...

I've been working on what is shaping up to be a
looong post about my foray into caning, but for now
I will just show you a few things I've done with wire.
This seems to be one of my newest obsessions.
Making anything
and everything out of wire.
Obviously YouTube is a dangerous place for me.
That little column on the right that says "recommended videos" gets me in a lot of trouble.
Heck yah I need to learn how to make my own diamonds using only yesterdays leftover scrambled eggs, epoxy and glitter!!! Who doesn't!!!???

going for a yawn....

This guy is in the very beginning stages. A lot of work left to do. He is far, far from being ready for the oven, but it's been too long since I have worked on my babies, so I thought I would share the W.I.P. I was going for a "contented yawn" but I think this might be leaning towards "feed me" What do you think?