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just wanted to say....


what I've been up to.....

I tried making these last weekend for the first time. They are easy. They are awesome. They are kind of like potato chips, one is not enough.

Last week I made a bunch of awesome holiday earrings. And took some really crappy pictures of them;~)
I also bought myself a Birthday present.
I love this earring holder! Love ~ Love~ Love! You can get one here.

Yesterday I made this for the first time. It is baklava. I got the recipe here and it is awesome! It was very simple but a little monotonous.
And today I made these.
I have to say that photographing jewelry is difficult, but photographing food is an art and boy, do I need some practice☺

cuz Honey luvs me☺

because the Nascar season ended and the Golf tournament doesn't really get exciting until the Final Round and because I have a boat load of things I needed (and still need to) do this weekend including laundry, paying bills, bottling homemade Kalua (recipe to follow) changing the sheets, baking pumpkin bread, finishing and listing some earrings
reconciling the checkbook and hopefully starting some little penguins.
and because Honey loves me.....
he volunteered to take the kids on their afternoon walk, which is usually my job.
Thanks Honey!
You need to make this. You will not regret it☺
Homemade Kalua
Ingredients:  3 cups sugar 3 cups water 3 Tbls instant coffee 2 Tbls vanilla paste* 4 cups vodka
Mix sugar, coffee and water together and simmer for 1 hour. Do Not Boil. After an hour turn heat off and let cool. Once cooled, add vanilla and vodka and bottle it up.
~Make sure that you mix well before you pour into each bottle
cus the vanilla bean goodies try to sink, and you want to …

new goodies in the shop....

I haven't listed very many new things to Etsy in a while  and I forgot how much work it really takes☺
Today and yesterday I listed some of these....

Some of these....

And.... some of these......

I have a ton of other things I need to get listed but I just can't stand the thought of sitting in front of the computer another minute LOL!
I think I will grab a snack and wander over to my clay table☺
Oh... and Happy Anniversary Honey! 18 years and counting♥

the aftermath

When you finish a project do you immediately clean up and put all of the left over bits away? Or are you like me and totally lose interest as soon as the project is complete?
I'm embarrassed to say that this is still sitting...patiently waiting  to be put away....
since Sept. 12....when I finished by bead soup project;~( Obviously I see no reason to rush into anything.

Wandom Wednesday...that's how it sounds when I say it so I decided to go with it

gotta love a nasty cold;~(
Anyway on to the random.
-->EDIT: And, apparently, there is alot of random in my life right now. And did I mention that I have a cold..... and that I am medicated for said cold....? If you are hanging around for this post, might I suggest a cocktail? (it IS evening as write this)  or possibly a Mocha (if it's morning in your neck of the woods)<---
I figured out a way to corral the ump-teen colors of beads I needed to use in my new beading project and still be able to curl up in my recliner and watch (listen to) TV. It works out really awesome and it's very comfortable. This is how far I've far. It may not look like much but if you knew how many times I have had to tear it out and start over, you would know that I would have almost an entire cuff by now, beading-wise. ......Still plugging along.

Last fall, when I was "putting my garden to bed" I decided to re pot one of my pepper plants, (the ones I grew from seed an…

I ♥ spiders

I made this using this awesome tutorial. It's 4" from tip to tip. I love it! Then I had to make a purple one for the young lady that works with me that is terrified of spiders, but loves purple☺ She still has it on her desk. I think it's growing on her☺ Then I had to go out and buy a ton of beads in a whole bunch of different colors to make a whole bunch more spiders. I figure they would be good for Halloween AND for Christmas.
Never heard of the Christmas spider?
Well, here goes....... 
'One December, a mother was busily cleaning the house for Christmas.  She swept every corner of every room completely clean, for she wanted everything bright and shiny in time for Christmas Day. The spiders fled upstairs to the attic to escape the broom, for they knew she was far too busy  to follow them up there. On Christmas Eve, as soon as the house became quiet, the spiders slowly crept down for a peek. They scuttled into the living room and oh what a sight…

some new beady stuff

In addition to the owls I've been working (and reworking & reworking) on, I have a  few new pendant and bead sets.

The little 'bee hive' beads. Cute huh?

The little birdy beads. Cute too huh?
Who doesn't love humming birds?
And I finally decided on THE owl design(s)
The large ones (approx 1 inch tall) and the small ones (approx  3/4 inch tall) are slightly different designs. I like both designs and of course each bead has it's own "personality" since each one is made by hand.
 I'm hoping to start listing all of these in the next few days☺ *(coming fish and dragonflies☺)*
And since I ONLY have about a gazillion unfinished projects in the works, I decided I should add a little something.

Something simple...
just to keep my hands busy...

when i am just relaxing...
We all know how much I LOVE seed beads (OMG they drive me CRAZY!)
Nothing like starting "simple" when trying something new;~)
Is there a cure for this type of thing???
This is a pattern f…