Wandom Wednesday...that's how it sounds when I say it so I decided to go with it

gotta love a nasty cold;~(

Anyway on to the random.

And, apparently, there is alot of random in my life right now.
And did I mention that I have a cold..... and that I am
medicated for said cold....?
If you are hanging around for this post,
might I suggest a cocktail? (it IS evening as write this)
 or possibly a Mocha (if it's morning in your neck of the woods)<---

I figured out a way to corral the ump-teen colors of beads I needed to use
in my new beading project and still be able to curl up in my recliner and
watch (listen to) TV.
It works out really awesome and it's very comfortable.
This is how far I've gotten...so far.
It may not look like much but if you knew how many times I have
had to tear it out and start over, you would know that I
would have almost an entire cuff by now, beading-wise.
......Still plugging along.

Last fall, when I was "putting my garden to bed"
I decided to re pot one of my pepper plants,
(the ones I grew from seed and got  ab-so-lute-ly
no peppers from because it never got warm enough)
and bring it into the house. I liked the look of the plant.
Well, a couple of days ago Honey says,
"Did you know you have peppers on this plant?"

They look just like leaves if you just glance at them.
They may not get very big, but I think they are cool just because they ARE.

I got these in the mail on Monday.
I was SO excited to see them in person and even Honey
 had to admit that they were REALLY cute when he saw them☺
What is it??? You may ask.

He TOTALLY is "The Keeper of the Sponge"
He makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen,
and that's saying something☺

This one occupies a currently crowded space on my work table.
He holds tools and grins at me everyday.
(I didn't know he had the opening in the back, but very glad he did.
I was wondering if I would be able to put very many tools in
without obstructing his view☺)
I got them HERE. just in case you need a monster in your life.
(FYI: The shop is on vacation until Nov 7.)

Meet the twins.

Long story short (yeah right)

In 2006 Honey says to me, "I want to buy a new Tahoe."
I say to Honey, "There is no way. We can't afford it."
(In his defense: We had just finished paying the last of his child
support payments and he had never owned a NEW vehicle...ever)
A week later a Tahoe came up my driveway,
brand new... loaded...driven by Honey.
I was informed that he had finalized the purchase
 and there was no turning back.

He figured out VERY quickly how close he was to
 becoming my 'former' Honey.
(In my defense: My job had been very stressful from the beginning
and was getting progressively worse, but it came with great insurance
bennies,... long hateful hours...working every holiday...
and the all too frequent calls at midnight telling me someone hadn't
shown up, so drag my ass out of bed 2 hours after crawling in
and haul my ass into work to work the shift of the missing employee
and then the shift I was already scheduled for.
 I was 14 years into this particular job. And, now that we didn't have to make his support
payments, I was 2 seconds away from quitting the job, thinking that now we could afford to pay for insurance and I could look for a job that was a little less stressful.)

Sitting in the Tahoe in my driveway that day
I realized I was stuck with my job and He realized he had to take MEASURES.
He said 'I got this for YOU to drive, because I want you to be safe
when you are driving to work.'
'I just need it to haul the trailer on the weekends.'

And from that moment on it became "my wife's Tahoe"
Which left him driving my car, which I 'lovingly' referred to as
"The Moose Scoop".
It is a Pontiac Sunfire. That vehicle is the perfect shape if your
goal is to have a moose land in your lap in the event of an unfortunate encounter.

Fast forward SEVERAL years:
I worked several more years at my job, quit, bought a new business with Honey
 and now, three years after buying the business,
I was finally comfortable with another car payment.
'Permission to look for a vehicle'
 was his Anniversary/Christmas/Birthday present for this year.
After almost 6 years, Honey is now driving a Tahoe☺
(His is the one on the right ☺)

This was the sunset last night.
I took this while standing on the deck in a flannel shirt, sweat pants and no socks.
Did I mention the wind chill was 15°......

and I have a cold......

I will turn 48 next month......
I have high hopes of growing up then....

Still working on the pendants with matching accent beads.
Hummingbirds, dragon flies and starfish waiting for glaze.
Those black bits to the right are the top of top hats for snowmen.
You'll see what I mean.......I hope...... Later this weekend.

I'm hoping to accomplish more this weekend than blowing my nose while
 holding onto the top of my head so it doesn't explode.

Did I mention I have a cold?


  1. I hope that you get to feeling better. I just hate them because I feel so woozy with the meds but can't do without them.

    And I turned 48 this year and still haven't grown up.


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